Internet Rumah Ultra Cepat – Magic-Wifi

Feel the sensation of browsing the internet without limits at home with Magic Wifi from MyRepublic. Magic Wifi is a home Wifi that can create a network for the whole house as a whole in every corner. There will no longer be a problem with the limited signal in the dead zone or inaccessible areas of the signal such as the back of the house area.
The way it works is by combining several routers at the same time into the same network. The main
router, which is connected to the modem, will be connected with several other routers, commonly
referred to as nodes which are placed in different places in order to expand the coverage of the
WiFi signal.

Ultra Fast Wifi Internet Signal Reaches all parts of the house
Magic Wifi from MyRepublic, Ultra Fast Wifi House with a wide range that can reach all parts of your
home. With WiFi Mesh, a router is paired with one or more satellites that can be placed throughout
your home. These satellites will pick up the router signal and strengthen it even further throughout
your home, ensuring you get more home Wifi coverage in the area you need the most. By using a
single wireless / SSID network, WiFi mesh allows you to enjoy seamless roaming / switching
throughout your home without having to switch networks / SSID manually.

Browse the Internet with Wifi at home without limits and without pauses
Wifi home with a super fast stable internet connection with unlimited bandwidth for all your needs
from the demands of work that has to be online all day, shopping online for daily needs to streaming
online games.

Internet connection for up to 100 devices
Many home wifi providers limit the number of devices connected, but not Magic Wifi from MyRepublic. You can connect your home Wifi to up to 100 devices without disturbing the stability of
your home Wifi connection.

Parental control features
Magic Wifi from MyRepublic is equipped with parental control features to prevent the adverse effects of the internet for your children. With Parental Control we can filter or select safe sites, monitor your child's online activities and also manage internet usage time.

Speed download
up to 200Mbps

Speed upload
up to 100Mbps



NETT prices are normal

Rp 629.000/bln

Price NETT discount

Rp 304.300/mo


Can be rented and combined with other Ultra Fast Internet packages for IDR 88.000/month

Paket Magic Wi-Fi



Download speed
up to 200Mbps

Upload speed
up to 100Mbps


NETT prices are normal
Rp. 629.000/bln
NETT discount price
Rp. 304.300/bln

Paket Magic Wi-Fi


Can be rented and combined with other Ultra Fast Internet packages for IDR


Nett per bulan

Paket Magic Wi-Fi


Dapat dibeli dengan harga special khusus pelanggan MyRepublic


Termasuk Pajak

  • *Magic WI-FI can be purchased separately for Rp. 1,440,000
  • While only available in the Greater Jakarta area
  • The package includes 2 Magic Wi-Fi units
  • *A security deposit of Rp.200,000 is charged. Free deposit with conditions applied
  • **65% discount for 5 months from the price of an internet package. Valid for months 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and only for certain areas
  • *Special promo February 2020

Installation Address

Subscription Option:

I want to subscribe a MagicWifi router with my current package (Add-on) for Rp.88,000 / Net monthI want to buy a separate MagicWifi router for Rp. 1,440,000 Nett

Term and Condition:

I hereby agree to subscribe Magic Wifi package, and the payment will be charged to my MyRepublic subscription account

    I agree if there are any additional costs for technician visits for installation

Extra Bonus

Saya Mau Extra 7 hari Skyegrid Lite voucher