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Your Favorite Local and International Channels

Your Favorite Local and International Channels

MyRepublic’s TV entertainment packages provide your family with the entertainment it wants. With a variety of popular local and international channels, mostly in high definition, your family can watch what they want and how they want it. Our flagship TV package, SmarTV+, comes with box office films, dramas, sports, lifestyle shows, cartoons, and the best in educational broadcasts. Have kids? Our selection of children’s entertainment and infotainment is enough to keep the whole family laughing and learning together.

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More Than 70 Entertaining Channels

We’ve curated over 70 channels from some of the best producers today. Into local news, talk shows, and sinetrons? Got you covered. Into Hollywood or Bollywood blockbusters? Covered too. With premium channels like Fox Movies, Fox Sports, TLC, Nat Geo, Disney Network and many more, we have everything your family needs.


Rp. 121.000

( SmarTV Plus Rp. 77.000/month plus rent 1 STB Rp. 44.000/month )
  • 41 HD

  • 29 SD



Still need more? We also offer an excellent selection of add-on TV channel packs. From movies to sports and more, add packages for an affordable price and get the full meal deal!
  • Movies

    Rp. 33.000

    • FOX Action Movies (HD)
    • Fox Family Movies (HD)
    • FOX Movies (HD)
  • Sports

    Rp. 27.500

    • FOX Sports (HD)
    • FOX Sports 2 (HD)
    • FOX Sports 3 (HD)
  • Golf

    Rp. 55.000

    • Golf Channel (HD)
  • Zee Bioskop

    Rp. 5.500

    • Zee Bioskop (SD)

Term & Condition:

  • Bundling with MyRepublic Internet Package is required
  • Nett Price include 10% Gov Tax
  • If more than 1 TV, the STB rental fee is Rp. 44,000 / month
  • Packages / channels may change at any time
Get watching right away by searching by time or by channel. It should be easy to start viewing your favorite TV programs - because who likes waiting?

Upcoming Programs

Upside Down Magic

Upside Down Magic

Disney Channel – Ch. 51
CHANNEL PREMIERE 18 Oct - Sunday at 10am
Bergabunglah dalam petualangan Nory dan sahabatnya Reina masuk ke Sage Academy for Magical Studies, di mana kekuatan Nory yang tidak biasa menempatkannya di kelas untuk mereka yang memiliki sihir miring.

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