What can I do with Public IP?

December 19, 2019

What can I do with Public IP?

You can use Public IP for the following things below:

  • Remote FTP access
    You can use the Public IP to accessing the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which can be used to exchanging the files on a network using a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection.
  • Remote Security Surveillance Capabilities
    By using Public IP, you can also remotely access your surveillance camera/CCTV installed in your home.
  • SSL Certificate for Online Transaction
    Public IP allows you to secure your data transmission through a website so that your online transaction is more secure.

Besides the examples above, there are many other uses that can be obtained using Public IP.

Note: MyRepublic only provides Public IP services. For the setting when using Public IP services like Remote FTP access, SSL connection, etc, should be done by the customer.