Become a Gaming Champ

MyRepublic’s optimized network gives Gamers an advantage over competitors suffering from glitches, pauses, and drops – low latency, anti-lag and anti-jitter equals more wins, and more champions. We’re in it to win it and latency, lag, and jitter is the language that we speak.

Custom Routing = Low Latency

Now you can see how we stack up for each of your favorite games. Select a game below to view latency and jitter across 10 different cities!

Counter Strike Global Offensive
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Blizzard Starcaft 2
Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas
World Of Warcraft
World Of Tanks

Custom Routing = Low Latency

Our team of network specialist have routed Gamer connections to ensure you get maximal performance.

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Download Games Quicker

Download Games Quicker

MyRepublic doesn’t only fight lag, it delivers high download speeds to get you playing faster. We consistently top STEAM’s game download ratings so you don’t have to wait. Downloading games taking forever? Get MyRepublic’s Gamer unlimited high-speed internet and get playing ASAP.

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Low, Stable Latency

Latency an issue? Make it a thing of the past. MyRepublic Gamer high-speed internet provides an experience not found with other providers. Low latency = stability – a must-have to make it to the top. Get on board with MyRepublic’s Gamer unlimited high-speed internet package with anti-lag technology and start winning more often.

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Low, Stable Latency
Custom Routing for Gaming

Custom Routing for Gaming

To ensure optimal performance, MyRepublic’s Gamer unlimited high-speed internet connects to popular game servers like Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, Civilization – Beyond Earth, The Division, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends and many more. Making a direct connection is the secret sauce to our fast download speeds, low lag, low latency, and low jitter (shh..don’t tell the other guys).

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Garena. Steam. Playstation
Play One Play All

Connect to all your favorite gaming platforms and download faster too. Public static IPV4’s are included with every Gamer package and allow you to connect worry-free – and to stay connected. Playing on Garena, Steam, Playstation? Doesn’t matter, we got you covered.

Become a Gamer Today

No time like the present to improve your gaming experience. Join the team now to up your game!

    Speed 1:1 up to
    Mbps +IPV4 public static

    Best for 3 Gamer / > 10 PCs & gadgets

    Includes Router PRO

    Rp. 767.000
    each month
    *Price include PPN 10%
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Get it right away and see the latest list of TV channels from the best cable TV family MyRepublic. You can search through the TV channel list by time or channel and find your favorite TV shows and family.

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Expedition Back To The Future

Expedition Back To The Future

Discovery Channel - Ch.101
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On EXPEDITION UNKNOWN Josh Gates has spent his career traveling the world investigating history’s greatest legends and mysteries.

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