Troubleshoot & FAQ

Public IP Service

  • The Public Static IP service is an additional service provided by MyRepublic to residential customers. This service allows you to have an IP that can be accessed directly by the internet outside MyRepublic network. In addition, the customer’s IP will not change even if it used at the different times.
  • You can use Public Static IP with the additional fee Rp25.000 per month *, excluding tax 10%.
    *Price above is a promotional price, for a limited period. Subject can change with prior notice.
  • To be able to enjoy Public Static IP service, you must first be registered with MyRepublic internet services, whether internet only or bundling services for internet + TV.
  • No. The additional configuration of Public Static IP service will be carried out by MyRepublic team systemically so it doesn’t require a technician’s visit. After configuring the service, your IP address will change automatically. Please check your IP address to make sure it has changed to Public IP.c.
  • You can check your IP by typing “Who is my IP” on Google in your browser. Press Enter, and your current IP address will appear like the screenshot below:
    If your IP address starts with 10, then you are still using private IP.
    If your IP address starts with 66, then your IP has changed to public IP.
    You can see the appearance of Public IP below:
  • Please restart your ONT by turning off the power button on the back, then turning it on again. Please do the double check if your IP has been changed. If your IP still hasn’t changed, please contact our Customer Service team to make sure your configuration is correct
  • You can use Public IP for the following things below:
    • Remote FTP access You can use the Public IP to accessing the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which can be used to exchanging the files on a network using a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection.
    • Remote Security Surveillance Capabilities By using Public IP, you can also remotely access your surveillance camera/CCTV installed in your home.
    • SSL Certificate for Online Transaction Public IP allows you to secure your data transmission through a website so that your online transaction is more secure.
    Besides the examples above, there are many other uses that can be obtained using Public IP. Note: Note: MyRepublic only provides Public IP services. For the setting when using Public IP services like Remote FTP access, SSL connection, etc, should be done by the customer.
  • We are sorry, MyRepublic only provide the port forwarding guidance on your ONT. As for the device that is connected with Public IP (such as surveillance camera, DVR, server, etc), the configuration should be done by yourself. This is because each device has its own instruction for setting Public IP.
  • We are sorry, 1 customer ID can only use 1 Public IP.