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The All-in-one Business Networking Solution

A complete networking solution designed for multi-sites businesses, retail, F&B and hospitality, MyRepublic Connected Business is quick to deploy and easy to manage via a cloud-based centralised dashboard.

Mesh Wi-Fi with location analytics

Mesh Wi-Fi technology easily improves wireless coverage without the need for expensive cabling work. You can also enhance customer engagement and increase brand exposure across your sites with real-time data analytics.

Reliable IP-VPN Connectivity

Connect your business branches securely and quickly with our auto provisioning site-to-site IPsec VPN. With support for dual WAN uplinks with seamless automatic fallover, all your sites are protected with no single point of failure.

Next Generation Firewall Security

With a sophisticated layer 7 firewall included in each MyRepublic Connected Business device, you are always able to effectively manage network utilisation and control the users, content and applications on the network.

Real-time Cloud Management

Build, configure and manage your entire network from an easy-to-use online dashboard. With MyRepublic Connected Business, deploy and synchronise security policies and settings across thousands of sites in an instant.

One Integrated Dashboard for All Multi-sites Business Front

Managing costs, scalability and ensuring consistent service across all your business outlets are challenges facing many businesses today. Stay competitive with MyRepublic Connected Business: a feature-rich, easy-to-use, centrally managed networking solution, available with a simple monthly subscription.

Affordable Cost

No need to purchase stand-by routers, Wi-Fi, firewall and IP-VPN equipment.

Quality Service Assurance

Enjoy and have no worries with our single helpdesk number with 24×7 post sales support.

Visibility and Detailed Control

Easily monitor and configure the permission of all applications, websites, devices and users on the network.

Streamline Operations

Full suite of products managed through a single interface, future-proofed with automatic updates.

For Hospitality

Delight your guests with intelligent, quality service

MyRepublic Connected Business allows your IT team to focus on what matters most. It also improves your guest experience with:

  • Fast and secure Wi-Fi connectivity that’s easy for guests to access
  • Remote troubleshooting and automatic built-in alerts for network issues
  • Easily customisable network rules for events and specific locations
  • A cloud-managed online dashboard with in-depth network information
  • Automatic product updates and firmware upgrades
  • Data-driven insights into guest behaviour and preferences

For Retail and F&B

Exceed customer expectations with faster, smarter networking

An all-in-one networking solution, MyRepublic Connected Business helps enhance your customer service while supporting your business growth with:

  • Data on customer preferences and behaviour via real-time location analytics
  • Fast, reliable wireless connectivity with mesh networking technology
  • Full control and visibility over your network’s devices, users and applications
  • The highest PCI compliant security standards
  • Quick deployment with cloud-managed wireless devices
  • One convenient contact point and affordable monthly service subscription

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Whether you run a multiple branches, a chain of retail stores, a hotel or a coffee shop, delivering great service to customers today and managing a growing business means dealing with technical challanges on a number of fronts.

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