Custom Routing = Low Latency

Custom Routing is a unique feature for the GAMER MyRepublic Internet package. Gamers will be given a Special IP address by our specialist team, so they can provide the best online gaming experience with Internet Gamers from MyRepublic.

Counter Strike Global Offensive
World Of Tanks
World Of Warcraft
Blizzard Starcaft 2
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Custom Routing = Low Latency

Our team of network specialist have routed Gamer connections to ensure you get maximal performance.

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Super Fast to Download the Game

Super Fast to Download the Game

MyRepublic consistently ranks at the top of Steam download statistics. The Internet Gamer package from MyRepublic which is equipped with IPV4 Public Static can provide satisfaction for Gamers who always want to win playing, level up and push rank faster, Download large capacity games in a short time with a stable connection and Anti Lag.

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Low and Stable Latency

MyRepublic Internet Gamer package provide an experience differently from other providers, with MyRepublic Internet Gamer package playing games to the maximum with low and stable latency without lag and ready to take gamers to be champions in your favorite games. Feel the Champion!

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Low and Stable Latency
Custom Routing for Gaming

Custom Routing for Gaming

To guarantee the most optimal performance, anti-lag internet gamers MyRepublic has prepared the best anti-lag internet gamers specifically connected directly to the most popular servers both online and offline games such as Battlefield V, Grand Theft Auto, Civilization – Beyond Earth, The Division, World of Warcraft, Over watch, League Legends and many more exciting games.

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Garena. Steam. Playstation
Everything is in here

Gamers do not need to be confused anymore, play your favorite games online and offline, and download immediately on the leading gaming sites with the internet as fast as MyRepublic rocket with the connection that we designed the most stable of internet gamers MyRepublic.

MyRepublic Gamer
Exclusive Bonus

Specifically for gamers, get immediate bonuses now only at MyRepublic Internet gamers package, check regularly on MyRepublic Interent Gamers Package, specifically for true gamers and of course loyal customers of our gamers package.

MyRepublic Internet Gamers Package

Gamers can choose MyRepublic Internet Gamer package which has download speeds of 1: 1 as fast as rockets up to 150 mbps and upload 150 mbps with a special network for true gamers, Come on gamers become champions!
  • GAMER 150

    150 Mbps

    Rp. 599.000

    GAMER 150

    Untuk penggunaan 31-50 komputer / gadget

    Download up to 150 Mbps
    Upload up to 150 Mbps
    Up To200 Mbps
    Rp. 749.000 NETT
    per bulan, atau
    Rp. 637.900 NETT
    per bulan dengan kartu kredit
    • Download up to Download up to
      150 Mbps
    • Upload up to Upload up to
      150 Mbps
    • Data Data
    I want this
Get it right away and see the latest list of TV channels from the best cable TV family MyRepublic. You can search through the TV channel list by time or channel and find your favorite TV shows and family.


Rp 557.400

  • 150Mbps

    Download Speed
  • 150Mbps

    Upload Speed
  • Unlimited


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